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Dear Saints,

Our plan for Sunday morning is to hold a meeting using Zoom, which is a virtual/online meeting software, where we can spend time in God’s Word and in prayer together.

As elders we realize this isn’t a good substitute for our regular Sunday worship gathering, and frankly we don’t intend it to be. There are so many things wonderful and beautiful about the people of God gathering together in worship of God and study of his Word, and an online meeting can’t compare. But, in light of the extraordinary times we’re living in right now, we’re grateful for the technology and to be able to continue to study together and grow together as the people of God. We know all of you, like us, are longing to join together again. What a day of celebration that will be! 

We plan to start the Bible teaching via Zoom at 10:15 Sunday morning so that families can spend a little time in musical worship in their homes prior, then join in for the Bible teaching. An email with the link to the Zoom meeting has been sent to each address we have on file - if you didn't receive it please reach out to one of us.

As elders, our priorities during this time are to continue to lead the church in God’s Word and to stay in contact with each of you so that we might provide pastoral care. If you have needs, or are aware of needs, please stay in touch. 

Also, we have fielded a couple of inquiries about giving of tithes/offerings during this time. Because we believe that regular giving is a healthy and God-honoring practice for believers, we want you to know that there are options for giving. First, you could wait until we can gather again and then give your offering(s). Second, you could mail it in to our PO Box 1767 Hood River, OR 97031. Third, you could give online right here using our website with the link above.

In the Steadfast Love of Christ, Your elders

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